Home Sprinkler Systems Save Lives

Residential fire sprinklers have received very little attention until recently. Fire sprinklers can safeguard your home and, more importantly, dramatically increase your chances of survival in a fire. Sprinklers simply make sense.

Residential fire sprinklers can be installed in both new home constructions and existing home structures. Installing a fire sprinkler protection system during the construction of your new home can be a more cost-effective option. Plus, you can save money on your homeowner’s insurance with the installation of a fire sprinkler system. Modern fire sprinkler heads are sleek and attractive, and can be concealed in your home.

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Facts About Home Sprinkler Systems:

Here are five statements about home sprinkler systems from the United States Fire Administration. Are they true or false?

  1. When one sprinkler goes off, all the sprinklers activate.

    False! Only the sprinkler over the fire will activate. The sprinkler heads react to temperatures in each room individually. Thus, fire in a bedroom will activate only the sprinkler in that room.

  2. A sprinkler could accidentally go off, causing severe water damage to a home.

    False! Records, which have been compiled for well over 50 years, prove the likelihood of this occurring is very remote. Furthermore, home sprinklers will be specifically designed and will be rigorously tested to minimize such accidents.

  3. Water damage from a sprinkler system will be more extensive than fire damage.

    False! The sprinkler system will limit a fire’s growth. Therefore, damage from a home sprinkler system will be much less severe than the smoke and fire damage if the fire had gone on unabated or even the water damage caused by water from firefighting hose lines.

  4. Residential sprinkles are ugly.

    False! The traditional, commercial-type sprinklers as well as sprinklers for home use are now being designed to fit in with almost any décor.


How a Residential Sprinkler System Works:

  • A single residential sprinkler can protect a room area up to 20′ x 20′. The average house requires only 15-20 sprinklers.
  • Each sprinkler is designed to protect the area below it. Only a threatening fire can generate enough heat to activate a sprinkler (typically at 155° F).
  • Only the sprinkler closest to the fire will activate.
  • Sprinklers can control or even extinguish the fire before it can build deadly heat and smoke, so you and your family can escape safely.

Learn more about home fire protection systems here.

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